Friday, June 3, 2011

4 Months

4 months old today! Can someone make it stop!? As you will be able to tell from the picture, he really is looking much older. His 4 month appt isnt until next Wed, so I have no stats as of yet. I believe he will also be getting his second set of shots :( It breaks my heart, but if he reacts anything like last time, he will most likely just sleep most of the day. No new milestones to report. He is starting to giggle a little more. Steeze seems to be the thing he thinks is most funny!

Yesterday we got the keys to our new house! The movers are supposed to be coming on monday, but they have yet to call with a time frame, so were a little weary that something has gone wrong with that situation. Later today Lucas, Steeze and I are going over to the house to wait for our tv guy to come hook that stuff up. Its going to be pretty boring because they gave a 4 hour time frame that they could arrive. Ill take some pictures while we wait!


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