Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well most of the people that read this blog already know that baby V is a BOY!! Pretty much everyone kept saying it was going to be girl, which I knew meant it would be a boy haha. He’s a big baby so far! He’s 4 days bigger than average. Our tech couldn’t get very good pictures of him because he wouldn’t stop moving, he’s so squirmy!! But cute and squirmy. It was nice to see limbs on him this time. Everything checked out good, he had both legs and feet and arms and hands. She said his spine, and brain looked good. So he seems to be pretty healthy!

I added 2 of the sono pics, even though their not very clear because of his squirmy self, and one of me today at 20wks and 2 days.

I do feel a lot of movement throughout the day so I should have suspected that he would be difficult to get some pictures! Oh well, he’s in there safe and sound and healthy. Now we can stop calling him “it”!! Woohoo!

Monday, September 6, 2010

19 Week Belly

First time wearing my maternity pants at 19 weeks :)

3 more days until ULTRASOUND!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ninja Baby

So its official. I really have been feeling baby move (and kick). When I wake up in the morning I will put my hand on my belly and usually will get a “good morning” kick or two. Its definitely a neat thing and always puts a smile on my face. I cant wait until the kicks get harder and Tim will be able to feel them. Last night it must have been doing some summersaults or something because out of the blue I just felt the most intense movement and it felt like it was going all over the place!! It scared the crap out of me! But then I giggled because it was just so cool! My book says the baby is the size of a large melon now. Last week, it was a chicken breast, now its graduated to a whole melon! I think its hysterical comparing the baby’s size to foods, but it really does give you a nice visual on how its progressing!

So, one more week until the ultrasound!! I’m pretty excited to get to see baby looking like an actual human being and not just a jelly bean. Oh and I guess finding out the gender is pretty exciting too ;). I really have no idea what it is. In the beginning I was thinking boy. Then, at the beginning of the second trimester I was thinking girl. Now, I just have no idea and don’t really care to guess because it is what it is and I’ll be thrilled no matter what!

Not much else to report. Oh, I got my first pair of maternity pants. Their not as gruesome as I expected them to be. Minus the belly band id actually wear them in normal life! But so far that’s the only thing maternity I’ve gotten. I have a lot of long shirts so, so far, I’ve been good with that. I guess my next post will be after next weeks appt ( unless something comes up between now and then). Ill post some newer belly pictures too!!