Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well most of the people that read this blog already know that baby V is a BOY!! Pretty much everyone kept saying it was going to be girl, which I knew meant it would be a boy haha. He’s a big baby so far! He’s 4 days bigger than average. Our tech couldn’t get very good pictures of him because he wouldn’t stop moving, he’s so squirmy!! But cute and squirmy. It was nice to see limbs on him this time. Everything checked out good, he had both legs and feet and arms and hands. She said his spine, and brain looked good. So he seems to be pretty healthy!

I added 2 of the sono pics, even though their not very clear because of his squirmy self, and one of me today at 20wks and 2 days.

I do feel a lot of movement throughout the day so I should have suspected that he would be difficult to get some pictures! Oh well, he’s in there safe and sound and healthy. Now we can stop calling him “it”!! Woohoo!


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