Thursday, August 4, 2011

6 Months!

Ahhhh I totally meant to put this up yesterday and completely forgot! Sorry! Anyway, Lucas is offically half a year. I cant believe it! He had a pretty big month in the milestone department. I think just before he turned 5 months is when he learned how to get in the crawl posistion and start scooting. He was scooting for about 2 weeks and then at 5.5 months is when he started crawling. I couldnt believe he figured it out so quickly! Then, about a week and a half ago he started pulling him self to standing on various objects. I dont know why he thinks he needs to do all of this before he even turned 6 months! Hes going to be trouble thats for sure. Now that hes mobile he goes after everything, even Steeze :) Steeze is not so happy about that. Luckily for now, Steeze can get away because hes quicker!

Yesterday was his 6 month checkup up. He is 17 lbs 14 oz and 27.4 in. I think it was 64th percentile for weight and 87th for height. As always, she was pleased with his development and said I could start feeding him solids 3 times a day. I was only feeding him morning and evening, so I guess now Ill add in a lunch! For some reason the last month he has been sleeping the worst he ever has. Getting up 3-4 times a night is no bueno! She seems to think adding that third meal in will help, so we shall see!

Lucas and I are getting ready to fly out tommorow to head home! Im pretty excited, but sad that Tim cant come with us. Hoefully Lucas does just as good this time as he did last time with the flight :)

6 months old! Time flys!

Monday, August 1, 2011

End of July

I have no idea why the clip in the middle of him talking is black and white! Whoopsie! He has his 6 mo appointment on wed, so I will be sure to update you all on how hes doing :)