Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Due date

Today, one year ago, my due date came and went with no signs that "baby v" wanted to make his way into the world. I was thinking the other day how I dont really remember what it felt like having that huge belly. Its only been a year. Its sad how quickly you can forget things. Looking at this picture though, brings back the feeling of him moving around like a little alien in my body. I do remember that feeling and kind of miss it (dont get any ideas, there are NO plans for any more babies anytime soon!) Although I miss it, it is soooo much fun watching him grow and learn. Hes got such a big personality and I love it! Soon, my baby will be ONE! That is so hard to believe. Wasnt this picture taken like yesterday!? ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

11 months

One more month and this boy will be a year old! Its crazy that were getting into toddlerhood, but, its so much fun! We just love watching him learn new things. He has such a big personality and im sure its only going to grow more. Over this last month hes learned to say uh oh. Sometimes we can get him to wave and I swear he was sayin Hi the other day. Hes still a clapping fool and will clap at everything!