Saturday, May 28, 2011


Lucas has his first cold :( Its not too bad. Just a runny nose and a gross cough. I took him to the doctor on wednesday and she said to get a cool mist humidifer and use saline spray. She said it should be gone within a week and if it wasnt she would give him some antibiotics. Apparently babies usually have a bunch of colds within thier first year. Its just building thier immune system. It started on tuesday and he is already sounding much much better. So I have a feeling it will be completely gone soon! A plus of taking him to the doctor is that they weighed him! I love seeing how much he weighs. He weighed 15lbs 4 oz. What a chunk! Ive been using him as weights sometimes. No, not like doing bicept curls or anything..just lifting him straight up in the air. He LOVES it! I get a pretty good workout too ;) Dont know how much longer i'll be able to do that though!! I need to call and make his 4 mo appt, which should be sometime next week. Then, i'll get all his stats!!

Heres a cute picture I took with my phone the other day. He fell asleep in his exersaucer! haha


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