Monday, May 2, 2011


3 months has gone by so quickly. Technically hes not 3 months until tommorow but we will be in MARYLAND! And im not bringing the monkey with me so I did it today! I asked him today if he was excited for his trip and he said YES! (In a squeal of delight :) ) Im definitley nervous about the trip but im sure it will be just fine. We are all packed and ready.

Hmmm lets see..the biggest milestone of his 3 months of life was that he figured out how to roll over! Now when i put him on his back he pretty much rolls over right away. Also, since hes discovered this hes been doing SO much better holding him self up while hes on his belly. Its crazy how quickly they progress. Another milestone would be his giggles! It is the cutest thing weve ever heard. He wont have another doctors appt for another month, but I think hes about 14 lbs.

Smiling away with his monkey at 3 months :)

See some of you soon!!!!


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