Saturday, June 18, 2011

First rice cereal attempt!

So as I said previously, the doc said we could try out some rice cereal for him. I figured Id wait a few weeks before I tryed it out. So last night, we gave it a shot! It was pretty funny because at first he had no idea what I was sticking in his mouth, but he eventually figured it out! As soon as I would hold the spoon up he would open his mouth. Im surprised at how fast he caught on. He needs to work on swallowing it better though. Most of it just ended up on him or on the towel in front of him. He was really funny trying to grab the spoon, it was almost like he wanted to feed him self :) All in all it was a good first attempt, and im glad we got some of it on video! I am sad that its that time for new things already, but it is exciting watching him learn these new things!


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