Thursday, December 23, 2010

35 weeks

Even though theres less than 5 weeks until his due date, time has decided to slowwww down. I miss when it was going at the speed of light!! Were ready to meet him! The weekly doctors apptointments have begun. Today I had the strep B test done so I guess I should find out the results of that at next weeks appt.

Heres the 35 week pic. Next christmas will be really exciting! Especially since he'll be almost a year old and will be able to enjoy it more than being even a few months younger :)

This is a pic of him sticking his little booty out, which he does frequently :)

And this little presh is my most fav thing weve gotten for him. This swing looks and feels so super dooper comfy. I cant wait until we get to put him in it!! My fav part is the little birds on the mobile ( I have a slight obsession with cute retroish birds).

1 comment:

  1. You look fantastic! Love your belly! I bet your parents are so excited!
    I was strep B negative with Benjamin but positive with Joshua. Only thing that changed was they gave me antibiotics at the hospital, and they didn't break my water at the hospital until I had had the antibiotics for 4 hours. :) No big deal!
    Hope you are feeling well.