Saturday, December 18, 2010

33 and 34 weeks

So im thinking he may be dropping already. Im feeling more pressure down there and to me my belly looks to be lower...what do ya think? I tried to get the pics side by side, but that just didnt work.

The first pic is 33 weeks and the second is 34.

Anyway, I think we have pretty much the nessecities for his arrivial. Theres still a few other things I want but im just going to wait a bit on that. I had my 34 week appt on thursday and everything was fine. The doc said hes about 5.5 lbs. But thats obviously just a guess since im not getting any more ultrasounds. This coming thursday I go in for my strep B test and I think that will start the weekly appointments. Its really getting close, I cant believe it! No other news to report. If he gets any lower i'll take another pic and post it!