Sunday, January 2, 2011

36 weeks

This is a little late considering im almost 37 weeks, but thats okay! I am officially 9 months pregnant!! Oh gosh that is so crazy. I dont even remember what I used to look like or feel like before all of this. The belly shots I took when we found out are on a computer that is broken right now, so I hope to get them off of there soon!! This past weeks appointment went well the only thing was he said I was low on iron so they gave me a prescription for an iron supplement. I can feel how big he is getting and its starting to get painful! My back hurts alll the time. The doctor said the hospital doesnt let you go past 41 weeks so I guess its safe to say he should be here no later than Feb 1st! Although I realllllllyyyyy hope its sooner than that!!!


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