Monday, March 19, 2012


Well for the last week hes had a little cough that didnt seem to bother him at all, but over the weekend he started getting congested. So I called the doc up this morning and they got us in. She said its nothing serious but its kinda like a sinus infection, but not a full blown one. She prescribed some antibiotics and some saline spray. I was worried about the antibiotics because he doesnt take tylonel well AT ALL. But, when I gave him his first dose today, he took it like a champ! I guess it tastes better than tylenol. Its bubble gum flavored apparently! A cool thing about seeing the doc is he got weighed! AND, they weighed him like a big boy! No more laying on the baby scale. We had him step right up on the scale and he stood still until we got the weight :) He was 22.4 lb. Thats quite a jump from his 12 mo check up! Although this time he did have clothes on, I doubt that makes a big difference. He is acting completely normal, so im glad this isnt affecting him in any other way than just being stuffy!


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