Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photo a Day

This might be something that no one that reads this cares about, but thats okay because its something fun for me to do to get my creative juices flowing and to get some good practice in with my camera :) Its actually supposed to be for instagram/twitter....but I dont have an iphone so im gonna do it here!
Today is "up"!!
We went to the park today so I figured that would be a perfect place for todays photo! I really like this photo. I tryed to get him to smile, but when the camera is out, thats a hard thing to do! I honestly dont know what hes looking at. It may have been steeze, but I was laying on the ground so who knows! :) Happy March everyone!!

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  1. I love participating in the Photo of the Day Challenges. The Maternal Lens, on Facebook, just started a new one for April. You should check it out! I just posted my April 1st picture on my other blog.
    Have fun! :o) Candice