Tuesday, January 15, 2013

23 Months

Oh hi, 23 month post about 2 weeks late! This photo actually was taken the day he turned 23 months though. One of my goals this year is to take my camera with me to more random places to get interesting shots. This target trip was really early in the morning so I knew there wouldn't be many people there to get in my way. Of course I couldn't get him to actually look at me, but that's about the norm these days. Some tidbits about our ALMOST 2 year old! His speech really is blooming! We were cracking up the other night..Tim asked him what he wanted for dinner. He paused a second or 2 and threw his hand up in the air and said "PIZZA!". We didn't think he was even going to answer him, let alone say pizza! One of his favorite things to ask for are big hugs. If he gets in trouble by either Tim or I, he will come up to me with a sad pouty face and say "big hug". And when Tim is leaving for work he always has to ask for a big hug before he leaves. It's really sweet. He knows his name, except he cant say Lucas, so his version of Lucas is "DooDa". We will say, "whats your name" or "who are you?" and he will point to him self and say DooDa. Or if he sees a picture of himself he'll say "dat DooDa". He can actually ask us for some things now instead of screaming (which he still will try to do from time to time. Things like, snacks, water, milk, crackers, hot (any hot dinner)are what he usually asks for. Of course you saw the video of him naming the animals. My favorite is how he pronounces giraffe. We cant wait to see how much more he has to say as his speech progresses.


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