Saturday, September 3, 2011

7 Months

The 3rd of each month seems to always roll around so quickly. Lucas and I took a 2.5 week trip to Md last month and had a great time visiting with family. He did very well on the plane again which made me very happy! Next week were going up to northern Cali to visit some friends of ours that we met in Belgium who are now back here!

So, lets see, some things about his 7th month include..
- He says Mama!
- His crawling has gotten much faster!
- When we clap his hands together he learned to open his fingers instead of keeping them in fists.
- When he stands up on things, he lets go and can stand there for a few seconds.
- He used to be okay playing quietly by himself, but he seems to now want to be with me alllll the time! Makes it kinda hard to get anything done haha
- Hes on 3 solid meals a day with nursing in between and ive stopped feeding him at night. He still gets up, but only once or twice. Thats nice compared to the 5 or 6 times a night it was the last month!
- Even though I cant feel or see any yet, im pretty sure he has more teeth coming.
- He prefers the dog toys over his.
- He is still a cuddle bug, which I enjoy :)
- Hes getting good at walking while holding on to things like the couch or the ottoman.

I think hes starting to look like a little boy and not a baby. He's growing up wayy too fast!!

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  1. He is adorable! Doesn't it melt you when he says "Mama"? :)