Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Months

Its hard to believe he's almost half a year old! I hate how fast time is going. But I do love watching him learn new things. He is certainly looking more mature. He is rolling and scooting all over the place. And, just yesterday, he learned how to get in the crawl stance. I havent gotten a photo yet, but I did get it on video. Ill add it into the next compilation. I have a feeling now that he has learned that he will figure out how to crawl soon. It also looks as though his two front teeth are starting to come in. He doesnt act like hes in pain so im glad its not bothering him yet. But I can for sure see 2 little white spots in front.

I think with these video compilations, I'll try to start doing them mid month and at the end. That way you dont have to wait all month to see what went on at the beginning of the month! But dont count on it, its alot of work and little mister needs alot of attention :) Ill do my best!


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