Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Okay so, We think he is going to roll over soon. Hes always on his side and gets so close sometimes! He has rolled over once from his belly to his back, but im pretty sure that was just a fluke. He giggled again! Tim wasnt around to hear it this time, but it was just as cute as the first time! He also laughs in his sleep..its so funny to watch and hear because its like a real laugh coming from that little body! Yesterday he started grabbing at our faces. I love all these milestones and watching him develop, but its also sad...hes growing up too fast! Im getting nervous about the flight home. I hate long flights to begin with, but im sure with a 3 mo old it will be just as rough. Hes going to be sitting in our laps. Hes not a fan of sleeping in our arms and id really like for him to sleep most of the flight since it is an overnight flight. Im hoping that if I bring the boppy he will be able to sleep a little. Any advice???

Trying to roll over...


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